Our Principles

High quality service

If we can’t fit in a project, we will let you know upfront. If we don’t have the knowledge for a project, we will recommend someone who does. What we don’t know, we research, and if there is a mistake made on our end, we fix it. Choose a trusted and high-quality business that wants YOU, the customer, to succeed!

High quality products

Our goal is provide you with quality copy or edited products that help you to achieve your goals – whether that is bringing in customers or gaining a huge following for your book.

Hannah Vaughan is the owner of Stripes Editing and has worked as a copywriter and editor for over ten years. Here are some of the reasons to choose her business over others:

  • Worked as sole editor for a highly-rated marketing company
  • Wrote web copy and blogs for such well-known business as Best Western and Apartments.com
  • Published blogs and web content all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Europe, and Africa
  • Award-winning author of fiction short stories
  • Multiple creative nonfiction short stories published in the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Hannah Vaughan

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With over ten years of extensive knowledge in the writing and editing industry, I can help take your business or book to the next level with a professional, error-free image.


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Meet Our Team

Samuel Vaughan


Samuel is detailed and exact in spotting errors and awkward wording. He also catches every single plot inconsistency in fiction stories. He excels in everything he undertakes, and cares about doing a “great” job, not just an “ok” job.