Stripes Editing Writing Services – No Project Is Too Large! (or small)

Welcome to your one-stop writing shop, where you can request web page copy with SEO included, weekly, bi-weekly, or daily blogs, web content for your entire hotel chain, product descriptions, and long-form articles.


Did you know that many of the content-writing agencies that you entrust your precious copy to outsource to their outsources? Sometimes it goes so far down the line that by the time it reaches the actual writers, the ones researching and writing your copy–the ones who hold the key to your clientele in their hands–receive so little pay that they are lucky if they can allot 15 minutes of time to your web page or blog.


15 minutes! That is how much time your business is getting for research and writing. That is how much time you receive for your hard-earned marketing dollars. That is how much time you are given to draw in your customers and reach new clientele.


What can one do in 15 minutes? Not much! That is why Stripes Editing gives individual attention to each new client. We won’t take on more clients than we can handle in-house, so you can ensure that your business is receiving the best attention and the most time possible devoted to each and every project.


What do we do differently at Stripes Editing?


  • We like to get to know our clients on an individual basis so that we can get the perfect “feel” for your business.
  • Our personal style ensures we write your copy to highlight you or your companies best features and maximize the potential to reach your target audience.
  • We research best SEO keywords in order to achieve the best rankings.
  • Our prices reflect our ability to keep everything in-house. You can pay less than many marketing agencies and know that your projects are not being outsourced.
  • We are easy to work with because we don’t have several other companies and contracts to negotiate. Decisions can be made quickly and the work can get done even faster.


Your website is often the first impression a potential new client receives of your business. Don’t hand it off to just any marketing company or writing service. Find a writer that will take the time to get to know your company, ask questions, and strive for that “personal touch.” You know the one–it is what tells your clients to choose your business or service over the one down the block. It is what says–we are different, we matter.


Any questions? Just ask! Give us a call, email us, or shoot us a message through the contact form!


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